NYFW Street Style

With New York hustling and bustling with Fashion Week I figured it was the perfect time to magnify some of my favorite fashion from the week. Personally, the fashion shows are amazing, but I like the street style better. To me it's so much more wearable and it's worn by real people, not models. There's something just so real about it. These are the fashions that I've seen that are perfect! Some of these are not from this years fashion week (as you can probably tell because there's warmer weather), but I still think they are fabulous!

As you can probably tell oversized coats were a huge thing and I'm seriously loving the look!

XOXO, Kate


  1. LOVE the second photo! I love how old styles are making their way back into today's trends. This photo reminds me of the 80s!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

    1. Same! I think that the 80s trends are so perfect!

      XO, Kate


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