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Ayyy. So I decided to do another "Ask Kate" post because the last one was such a success. But, this time I wanted to try out doing the post in video form. I always complain that I don't use my camera enough so I figured this would be a good way to put it to use! Comment down below, email me or tweet me (yes, I finally joined twitter)! Ask any questions you may have about me/my life, blogging, fashion, fitness, beauty or really anything! I'm pretty much open to answering most questions! I'm really excited to film this video, but I need questions first so ask me some!


XOXO, Kate


  1. What an adorable puppy!!
    Hmm: What/who are your fashion inspirations? What motivates you to dress/present yourself nicely?


  2. I saw on your post about natural beauty that your school offers swimming in gym class, which is just about the most bizarre thing I've ever heard! I can't even wrap my head around school's offering that! How do you have time to change and do you have wet hair the rest of the day? And what is your school like? How is your schedule set up? Do y'all have any other interesting classes, clubs, or sports? I love hearing about other schools different form my own, so sorry about all the questions hahaha



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