Embrace Messy Hair

Whenever I scroll through Pinterest (which is pretty much all I do) I always see so many pins regarding wavy hair. I have naturally wavy hair and I always try to cover it with straightening it. But recently I've been wearing it natural a lot more often, and I'm starting to actually like it. I think that the girls with pin straight hair envy the curly haired gals and vice versa. I know for a long time I desired for perfectly straight hair and sometimes I still think that would make my life easier, but I've learned how to embrace messy hair, meaning just leave my hair natural. It's a pretty effortless look and it adds a messy touch to a polished look.

XO, Kate


  1. Messy hair is my favorite hair! Something about a messy look (without actually being "messy") is so fun and exciting. So glad you've come to embrace your hair!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

    1. It definitely does give it a totally effortless look. Thanks for your comment Connie!

      XO, Kate


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