One of the many new year resolutions {that I haven't stuck to} this year was to become an expert on using my camera. I think photography is so interesting, but I almost feel like it's a waste for me to own such a nice camera. I love using it I just don't feel like I'm using it to its full capability. This summer I'm hoping to venture out a bit more and bring along my camera for the adventure. I think that using my camera and messing with the exposure and other effects will give my photos more depth and interest. Also, comment below if you use a certain editing system for your photos because I'm looking for a good one! Check out some of my favorite photos. I wish I could give creds to myself, but of course I found these via Pinterest. These photos aren't only about the actual thing they are taking the picture of. I really just love the idea of many of these photos and the effect of the way they look.
I think I just need to start bringing my camera with me everywhere I go. What do you think?

XO, Kate

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