Friday Fours

Friday, I'm in love!

Today I wanted to do a post inspired by Caroline via citrus & style! She always does super fun "Friday Fours" posts and I love reading them every week! I wanted to give something like this a try so without further adieu, here goes!
 #1 :: I've been using my camera a lot recently and this shot perfectly captures my brother's graduation night. Of course I sported a new Vineyard Vines dress and I brought along my trusty sidekick, my camera, to capture lots of pictures of the event. 
 #2 :: My sister is a health fanatic and with her help I'm striving to eat more healthy and what better way to start my day than with a delicious smoothie! I shared this recipe in yesterday's post and let me just say this smoothie is so tasty! My sister Kristen and I have also been making acai bowls. Let me know if you want to see a tutorial on that!
 #3 :: My friend J was thrifting the other day and found me this adorable Lilly skirt (it's actually a skort) for only $5! I can't thank her enough! It's in perfect condition and I wore it recently to my little cousin's birthday party. Excuse the awkward selfie. 
#4 :: I've been babysitting a lot recently (I don't mind, I need the money), but what makes my babysitting even better is the beautiful flowers the family I sit for have displayed in their house and landscaping. I am loving these flowers seen on their kitchen table! Beautiful!

Happy weekend, be sure to enjoy!

XO, Kate

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  1. Wow, how lucky you are to thrift find a Lilly skirt!!! :)



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