Pool/Beach Essentials

To be honest, I have yet to go to the beach this summer, but that doesn't mean this post isn't relevant. I've been swimming a lot recently and with the 90 degree weather here in Chicago, it only seemed fitting for this post. 

+sunscreen; I am fair skinned and extremely vulnerable to the sun. Let's just say if I don't wear sunscreen, I'll wind up looking like a tomato. I always want to get tan in the summer, but I have to wear at least SPF 15 so I don't get burnt. 

+chapstick; We don't want our skin getting burnt, but we don't want our lips to burn either! I always use my Nivea A Kiss of Honey lip balm because it's one of the only lip balms I won't have an allergic reaction to and it has SPF 15! 

+swimsuit; Everyone needs a cute suit for the beach! I've been adoring my mint swimsuit and also my newest Victoria's Secret swimsuit

+beach towel; The sand gets hot hot hot down at the beach and you're always going to need a towel to dry yourself off after swimming!

+sunnies; We need to protect those eyes too! I am of course wearing my classic J.Crew retro sunglasses.

+hat; I've been wearing my Vineyard Vines hat so much this summer and especially to the pool/beach. It's the perfect way to shade your eyes. I also love floppy sun hats!

+a good read; I've been bringing my summer reading book, Looking For Alaska, to the pool with me so I'd having something to do. It's a great book so far and also gives me something to do while I'm not swimming. 

Shop all my beach/pool essentials below:
XO, Kate


  1. nivea lip balms are some of my absolute favorites! & looking for alaska is on my list to read this summer :)

    Rachel @ makeshiftmunch.blogspot.com

  2. Mary Grace BabboJune 25, 2014 at 7:41 PM



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