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With all my travel this summer it's been insane how much money I'm going to need as spending money. I am definitely a spender and not a saver. I rarely put money in the bank (although I should), unless I get money in check form and then it goes straight to the bank. Whenever I am paid for babysitting it never takes me more than two weeks to spend the money. I guess I just like a lot of things. But, I've really been trying to save my money because I owe my parents a ton and I want money to buy things in NYC! So, I've been pretty cheap with my money recently because I need to be. These are my top money saving tips!

1. Stop eating out // I am constantly spending money on food when honestly there's perfectly good food at home! I always just seem to eat out and spend ridiculous amounts on something I could make myself. My friend gKe and I both are both broke so we are always just eating at someone's house and not wasting money on eating out. Eating out should be a treat, not a daily routine.

2. Limit the shopping // This is a huge issue for me because when I see something I want and if I have the money for it, I'm buying it. I definitely have no self control when it comes to buying things. I've been better recently because I have convinced myself that I'm just browsing and that I'm not going to buy anything. I also just tell myself that I'll buy things in New York and this helps me to buy less things.

3. Use change // This might not sound like a total way to save money, but change adds up! Either collect all of your change into a container and later cash it in or use change to actually pay for merchandise. It seems that change always winds up in between the couch cushions or just on the floor. I think we all forget that it's actually money and actually worth something.

4. Get a system // Make a system to keep track of your money/earnings and always put money aside. Whether it be just putting away 5-10% of your earnings or just never spending a $5 bill the money adds up!

Good luck saving your money -- and wish me luck as well because I need it!

XO, Kate


  1. I love these tips! I especially need to save this summer because I want spending money at college next year. I will never get there if I keep going on impromptu shopping sprees!


  2. haha oh my gosh same, the struggle is real when it comes to shopping!

  3. Saving money to spend it later... but mindfully. Thank you for these tips. I think all the people should read this article and learn how to save the money. Keep sharing the good information.

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