Fully Raw Vegan

I've recently found a new favorite YouTuber; FullyRawKristina! She's not my typical YouTuber because most of the people I watch are either beauty gurus {I'm addicted} or random funny people. But recently I found a new YouTuber, Kristina! She gives me so much inspiration!

Basically she had hyperglycemia and then because she went fully raw vegan her heath improved greatly. A fully raw vegan means that all you eat is fruits and vegetables and consume little nuts or seeds.

She has recently become one of my new favorite YouTubers because I'm on a bit of a health crave. I strongly considered going fully raw vegan, but it seems much to difficult for me and too dramatic of a diet change. I think what I'm doing is just enough for me by changing my eating habits. Although I'm not on as restrictive of a diet as her, she does have great recipes for amazing foods that are super healthy! Even fully raw deserts! Everything she makes looks so delicious and the comments are full of good reviews about the food. I'm here to share with you a couple of the recipes that I'm dying to try from Kristina. She also gives amazing motivation for staying healthy and not giving in to sweets.

I tried to make this juice and it was amazing! It was a bit of a hassle because I don't have a juicer so I had to blend it in a blender and then strain it multiple times, and it didn't make all that much juice {I used less of each ingredient than Kristina did} but other than that the juice was delicious! Another one of her recipes that I'm dying to try is this!
Mmmm it just looks so good! And it's totally healthy too! If I every try any of her recipes I will be sure to follow it up with a post and tell you my thoughts on it. Definitely check out Kristina's channel here because she's truly amazing!

XOXO, Kate

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