Liebster Award (III)

This happens to be my third time being nominated for the Liebster Award, but the questions are always different so I figured I should do it! I was nominated by the lovely Gina from Classy Ever After and I simply couldn't resist completing the tag because her questions are so fun! Thanks so much Gina for nominating me and definitely go check out her blog Classy Ever After because it's so perfect! P.S. How cute is the Liebster Award logo? I'll tell you the answer, too cute!

So let's get right into her questions!


1. At what point in your life did you realize you are more into style than the average person, and how did this transition into starting a life and style blog?
I definitely loved shopping and clothes all of my life, but in eighth grade I really changed my style and started really dressing up to go to school. A couple of my friends and I went on big shopping sprees and two of us were instantly obsessed with the preppy style. This friend Julia, {check out her blog here--Color Me Preppy} and I still stick to the preppy style. After reading a few fashion blogs for a while, I decided to start my own. I am so glad I did because I'm seriously in love with blogging and it makes my life so much more interesting. 

2. If you had to summarize your style using only three words, what would they be?
Simple, classic + trendy.

3. Do you have any pets? If so, what type of animal?
I do not have any pets, my mom is not a huge animal lover, but if I could have one I'd definitely have a cockapoo {cocker spaniel mixed with a poodle}. Two of my cousins have them and they are so cute! 

4. If you could make a living doing what you love most, what would that be?
I think anything from being a personal stylist, blogging, working with YouTube, writing for a magazine or even being an actress. 

5. What are the top three items on your wishlist right now? How would the wishlist differ if money were less of a concern, or would it?
The top three items include this polaroidthis Lilly shift dress, and this VV hoodie {but it's sold out in my size--and is it strange that I actually know this model?} Obviously if I had an endless supply of money I'd purchase all of these, but the polaroid I can't seem to invest in because the film is so expensive. The Lilly dress I just don't know if I'd wear that much and the VV hoodie is just out of my size, otherwise I'd snag it!

6. Do you feel that you've become more weight conscious since skinny jeans took over?
I don't think that's the reason I've become weight conscious. Skinny jeans have always been my favorite style of pants just because they've always been popular for me {since I'm only 16}. My main reason to be weight conscious is because I was noticing that I wasn't eating healthy and my body was reflecting that, so I was determined to change my ways--and I'm loving the results.

7. What has been your greatest blogging challenge thus far?
Probably just dealing with not having a ton of readers. I'm especially thankful for the readers I do have, but it's hard when you put in a lot of work to a post and think that no one is reading it. I'm sure new bloggers can relate.

8. Is there an item or current style you can't stop buying, and now you have several?
In the beginning of fall I definitely went on a cords craze and bought three pairs of the same cords, just in different colors. Other than that, I think the thing I own the most of is anything mint. Basically my whole wardrobe is mint.

9. If you could only shop from one store from now on, which one would it be?
J.Crew. Everything there is great and it works for so many different styles. Or Brandy Melville because I'm simply obsessed with that store.

10. What is your number one goal for your blog in 2014? Beyond 2014?
Blogging for me right now is simply a hobby and in 2014 I hope to collaborate with some companies or businesses because I have always wanted to do that. And I think just to develop my blog further and gain more readers. Beyond 2014 I really wish that my blog could become a part-time job and continue to grow even further!

11. Have your close friends and family been supportive of your blog?
Yes! My family and friends have been greatly supportive of my blog. I think it's great and I'm especially thankful that they support me in my blogging.

I'm not going to nominate anyone because I've already done this once before, but I hope you enjoyed my answers and thanks again to Gina!

XOXO, Kate


  1. This was really fun to read! I can relate to you about not having a lot of readers - but as really successful bloggers have said, gaining high traffic takes a long time. I can't wait for more posts!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  2. I was also nominated by Gina! Such fun questions :) I actually just nominated you today on my blog for the Liebster Award as well... Totally understandable if a fourth award is too much! Just know I love your blog!


    1. Thanks so much Emily! You're too sweet!

      XOXO, Kate

  3. I loved reading your answers!!! Thanks for posting them even though you are on round 3:) I completely understand the challenge of pouring your heart into blogging and wondering how many people it is reaching, or if others find it is as engaging as other blogs, etc. The only advice I would give is just keep blogging from your heart, keep digging deep to identify what truly inspires you, and share that. The readers who are meant to find it will. Never focus on the number of readers, focus on the loyalty and authenticity of those who keep coming back. It takes time. A lot of people read and don't officially "follow". I deleted my GFC follower feed because I don't want to focus on that. This may be how I got back in the Liebster circle again, but I'm glad I did because I discovered a lot of awesome bloggers!
    Keep up the great work!
    XO, Gina

    1. Thanks so much for the nomination Gina! And OMG I totally agree! It's sometimes super difficult to feel like your blog is successful when others are so much more popular! But, you should never compare your beginning to someone else's middle. A lot of blogs that I love and are more popular than mine have been blogging for so much longer than I have. Thanks for your support and comment!

      XOXO, Kate


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