Happy Weekend + Links

Happy 2014, by the way!

I haven't done one of these type of posts in a while, so why not now! I spent New Years and up until today at my cousins house and I just got back. Also, I left my camera at my aunt's house on Christmas, so I have not shot any outfit posts yet. I'm thinking this weekend I will though! Even though it's freezing out! Anyways, hope y'all have an amazing weekend! I go back to school on Tuesday so I'm hoping to relax and just hang with friends for these last few days of break. 

-I've been eating pretty unhealthy and I'm looking to try some of these detox smoothies

-With my new license I'm thinking a shiny new wallet would be a great investment! I'm loving this Michael Kors one in navy

-Gap is having a huge sale {they always are} and I just picked up a few items for such great deals so make sure to hit up your local Gap or shop online

-I'm officially obsessed with this desk!

-Loving this hair tutorial for messy curls--they look so effortless and seem so bouncy

-Sneak peek at a post I'm working on about my newest favorite YouTuber Fully Raw Kristina

XOXO, Kate


  1. I did a little online shopping at Baublebar this week! I will have to check out Gap!


    P.S.--Love the photo ;)

  2. I've been wanting to try a detox smoothie! I definitely need it- I've been eating so unhealthy! (Let's blame the holidays) We should update each other on how it went for us! :)

  3. The desk you posted is adorable! I followed your Pinterest account from there, haha. If you do some of the detox smoothies, please let us know how it goes! I'm considering doing a couple, but I'd like some advice first!

    Constance || Prep Northwest


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