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With my new health crave I've been trying to create really healthy lunches to fuel me throughout my school day. I have fallen in love with a new recipe that {as far as I know} I made up! I'm sure people eat this all the time, but it's new to me! I love making a great lunch and then feeling refreshed after eating it. I usually don't eat the cafeteria food at my school {it's not the best...or healthy whatsoever} with the exception of the cookies. Those things are just cookie dough cooked under a light bulb, but they are amazing. Except, I've restrained myself from now on from eating those greasy fat cookies {that are just so dang good!}. But, here is my favorite lunch!

Turkey Lettuce Wrap

I tried this on the first day back after winter break when I just began my fitness crave. I didn't expect it to be that good, but it was delicious! Here's how to make it!

Use a large piece of romaine lettuce {I mean large--this is replacing a tortilla} and spread hummus on it. I like the pine nut hummus, but any kind that you like works! Spread this as a sort of base to the wrap. Add in turkey and red pepper. You can really use any sort of meat/veggies that you like. This is just what I had at my house. Chicken, cucumber, zucchini, carrots, or anything that you like would taste good in it! 

Then just roll it up and enjoy or pack it for your school lunch!

Honestly, this is such a healthy alternative to a sandwich because you're including protein from the meat and lots of vitamins from the plethora of veggies you're including. 


I like to also include veggies in my everyday lunch even though there are already veggies in your "sandwich", but honestly you can never have too many veggies! 

My favorite to include are carrot sticks, red pepper {the sweet kind}, zucchini, cucumber, peas and broccoli. 


I'm sure that everyone is used to having some sort of chips in their lunch. The majority of different flavored chips are filled with oil and fat and artificial ingredients. I know that pretzels aren't amazingly healthy, but I think they are better for you than most junk food chips. 


For a sweet dessert I like including some sort of fruit in my lunch. I include fruit in my breakfast as well because if you're looking for something sweet, fruit has natural sugars that aren't as bad for you as high fructose corn syrup. 

I like including my favorite fruits which are apples {honeycrisp are my favorite}, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, banana, kiwi, pomegranates, watermelon and clementines. They add a little something sweet to your lunch.

Also check out this video made by one of my favorite YouTubers comparing healthy vs. less healthy lunches.

What's your favorite healthy lunch?

XOXO, Kate


  1. I love this post! I'm trying to eat healthier too! Thanks for the recipe! I'll have to try it! :)


    1. Thanks so much for your comment!

      XOXO, Kate


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