With my obsession with Pinterest, I currently go on it probably 5 times a day. A lot at school, especially when I'm super bored I just grab my phone and pin a few pins for an easy pick-me-up. Recently, I've been seeing more and more pins that reminisce on what used to be; gossip girl. When Gossip Girl was one it was seriously all my life. I was addicted and anyone I know that watches it becomes super easily addicted and it consumes all of their time until they finish the show. It is such a well created show and has such an intense, diverse and surprising plot. And the style is to. die. for. I just thought that I needed an entire post dedicated to the best years of my life while I watched Gossip Girl. Be sure to follow my Pinterest board dedicated to Gossip Girl for more pins related to the beloved show.

Seriously obsessed with both of their outfits. I can't even decide who's style I like more; B or S? They're both too perf.

Just OMG can this please be my life? NYC rooftop with all these beautiful people, heck yes!

I'm obsessed with Serena's dress. She can truly wear anything!

Classic; both of their outfits are to. die. for. Gotta love them.

The perfect crew ever!

I love this shot form the first episode. Before you even know of the tensions between Serena & Nate.

Nathaniel Archibald. #perfect! I'm so in love with him.

Chuck Bass! Goodness I miss that boy!

Aww it's Dan! I actually love Dan. Although he becomes a little bit more scheming in further episodes in the beginning he's such a sincere and sweet guy!

If you don't watch Gossip Girl yet I'm not here to give anything away, but go watch the show! It's seriously the best show you will ever see!

XOXO, Gossip Girl {Kate}

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  1. I love Gossip Girl! I was actually looking on Pinterest today at Blair's outfits for inspiration. I adore the red tights + navy skirt/shorts look she does. She's great!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

    1. Yes! I always loved that look! And clearly she's so perfect so yeah.

      XOXO, Kate

  2. I love Gossip Girl! Blair is literally my queen, she's the most fabulous girl ever! And, love the pic of all of them on the rooftop- so perfect!

    1. Blair is the queen! And yes, can that please be my life?

      XOXO, Kate


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