Boisterous Badminton

It is officially winter season at my high school. Drill lasts two seasons at my school and I'm not sure if I like it. Last year being on JV, winter was just not as fun as football season is. Football season is super fun because you see all your friends at the games and you perform for large audiences, but basketball season just sort of drags on. But, we are doing competitions for drill so I hope I'm on that team (only 14 out of the 23 are going to be on it). 

Anyways, I'm super excited for the spring season at my high school. What does that mean? Badminton! I almost think that I like badminton more than dance. It is just such a fun sport! But once I'm sort of immersed into dance my whole life sort of revolves around it and everything I do. But, when badminton season comes around I'm constantly over at my friend Paige's house playing and practicing. 

I actually went to badminton camp over the summer and had such a fun time. The team last year was so great and I loved all of the girls. I'm really excited for this year, but the reason why I brought up this subject is because I'm sort of being "re-introduced" to badminton with open gyms that I've started to attend. I can't wait for badminton season to start this year!

Freshman year was great because no one knew how to play, so it was really just learning how to play. This year I think tryouts will be a bit more competitive because you could potentially make JV or Varsity, but unlike drill I'm jut hoping to make JV for badminton. It's just such a fun sport and I really could care less what team I'm on. These are a few of my favorite photos of me and badminton!



  1. I'm started learning badminton in Gym this week! I absolute love it-and I pretty good at it too. It's such a great sport :)


  2. That's so neat that your school offers badminton as a school sport! I've never heard of it being played competitively, or camps for it! haha



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