Sunday Pinnings

So, my photoshoots have had a little delay since it's been nothing but gloomy and rainy here in Chicago. I'm still trying to get some photoshoots done today, but I'd rather take pictures outside than inside, but I'll still try to get some done!

Here are some of my favorite pins of the week!

I'm obsessed with the first pin of a little apartment in Paris! The other pin is so fun with the penguin sweater and the actual penguins! I'm in love with the interior elements of pin number three. My favorite by far is the last pin--the little boy in the Vineyard Vines shep shirt is si mignon! I don't even know if I just used that right because I don't know any French ha ha! 


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  1. lol, I take french and that was correct! How did you know that if you don't take it? Haha



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