Classy Parties

Ever since creating my Colorful Entertaining and Classy as F boards on Pinterest I've been in the mood to be invited/throw a super classy party. Just something about the glitter in the air and the sparkling champagne glasses (kiddie champagne works too) just is so perfect to me. I wish that I was a part of that luxurious Gossip Girl lifestyle where they actually do throw parties like that. Also, parties are just reasons to get all dressed up and fancy. And boy have I been admiring some adorable sequin/sparkle dresses recently.

Well, I know that I won't be invited to any parties like these just yet, but maybe in a few years. These are my inspirations and favorites.

P.S. I'm off school today so I'm ready to party!



  1. I know exactly what you mean - Pinterest makes me want to throw completely crazy extravagant, beautifully decorated, super classy parties - maybe one day!

  2. I feel the same way!! I was hoping to have a party like this for my birthday, but it just didn't work out! Hopefully we will both get our chance to throw one eventually! Haha



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