I seem to be a tad late on catching the bandwagon of tumblr. I just recently figured out how to actually use it and I'm starting to love it. I've caught myself on it a lot and reposting pictures of all sorts of cool stuff. It's funny though because my tumblr is the complete opposite of this blog. This blog is all preppy and classy and my tumblr blog is surfer and wild. I really like my tumblr and I think that having both of these "blogs" show the mix between my personality. Some days I dress ultra-classy with pearls and polos, etc. Other days I like to have a more laid back vibe with Brandy Melville graphic tees and skirts. 

Anyways, so other than my tumblr I've been reading other tumblr's too! I have a few favorites and these are them! 

PS::comment below if you have a tumblr with a link so I can check yours out too!

This is my tumblr and it's so different from this blog.

I've already posted about Shannon Barker the blogger behind this tumblr, but I'm legit obsessed with this tumblr. 

The Humans of New York tumblr is probably one of the coolest tumblrs ever. It has such cool images and cool stories behind each picture. 


Happy Birthday to my beautiful mother! I love her so much and I honestly couldn't live without her. Thank you for everything you do, mom, and I love you to infinity and beyond. 



  1. I think it's great you've found two different ways to express your style!! My tumblr does that as well. My main blog is more fashion and lifestyle, and my tumblr is quite personal in addition to grungeish/nostalgic. My url is thestate-ofgrace.tumblr.com :)


  2. tumblr. has recently become my obsession as well!!

    mine is: preppyonthewestcoast.tumblr.com


  3. I love Tumblr too! It's a great way to how you feel through photos!


    Check out mines here: sequinsandflorals.tumblr.com


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