Winter Makeup

I used to be extremely addicted to makeup. It was pretty bad because I would want to buy so much makeup everywhere I went. My mom basically cut me off from buying makeup and ever since I really haven't bought any. Last year for Christmas I received both the Naked and the Naked 2 palettes by Urban Decay so I was pretty set. Recently though I've been a little more interested in purchasing makeup. My skin is just so sensitive to anything that I put on it though, so I'm super careful. Clinique breaks me out, Nars breaks me out. I just never know what to use anymore! But luckily my eyes are never sensitive to any products that I use. That would be a real pain. Even though I do have both Naked palettes I'm still looking to invest in some more high end makeup products. I really don't have that much makeup so a few new additions could be needed. Here are the items I'm adoring for winter makeup.


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  1. Great choices! I'm dying to try the Naked 3 palette-the colors are right up my ally!



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