The Carrie Diaries

Okay, so my photoshoots were entirely rained out. I was so excited to go to my Grandma's this weekend and she has this beautiful big pond in her backyard and I was supposed to have photoshoots with my cousin Carly and it was super warm too! But, sadly it poured both Saturday and Sunday. It was so windy it was basically a hurricane mixed with a tornado yesterday. We were in TJ Maxx and everyone was freaking out because the rain sounded like hail pounding on the windows. Needless to say, it was insane. So my photoshoots didn't happen. I'm sorry because I was so looking forward to doing outfit posts! Over this weekend I think I'm going to do a Thanksgiving Outfit ideas video along with maybe a makeup tutorial and hair tutorial. Let me know if you want to see that because I definitely want to film that!

So after that little rant the main purpose of this post is to talk about my absolute new favorite show. The Carrie Diaries. It came out a little while ago, but I just have caught on to the trend. I'm instantly hooked! I went through the first season in a week and am now starting on the second season. I'm not sure where the episodes are today, because unlike when I was watching Gossip Girl, the show is still on air. The whole idea of the prequel before Sex and the City is super fun and I love the characters and the whole plot.

Basically Carrie is a high school student, but her dad lands her an internship at a law firm in Manhattan. She lives in Castlebury, Connecticut only an hour away from Manhattan, New York. On her first day she meets Larissa her new friend who happens to work for Interview magazine. Soon after she becomes engulfed in Larissa's world and eventually starts to work for Interview. I don't want to give too much away, but that's just a little plot summary of the show. I'm obsessed with the 80's vibe the show gives off. It is such a fun show and I'm obsessed with Austin Butler in it because he is #beautiful, I'm actually in love with him. 



  1. I just bought the first series of it off Itunes on Snday! I'm loving it!


  2. LOVE THIS SERIES! I want to be 16/17 year old Carrie Bradshaw. She's amazing. And Austin Butler is #hothothot.



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