Is it Christmas yet?

I don't know about you, but I have seen a lot of Christmas stuff hitting stores and online as well. Pinterest is overflowing with holiday cheer and I'm not sure I'm ready! I think I need to get past Thanksgiving before I really get into the Christmas spirit, but that didn't stop me from creating a Holly Jolly Christmas board. 

I'm still in fall mode, but it's feeling more like winter as each day passes. On Monday, it was snowing! It was wild snow too! I really just hate fall and winter, gasp I know. I think that fall everything turns ugly to me, but I do enjoy early October when everything is pretty and orange and red. But, as fall continues into November and December, I just don't like the cold. And for some reason my life seems to be boring at these points and in the spring my life brightens up and is great!

I don't know, but still, although I don't like winter, I still do love Christmas. Here's a little peek at my Christmas Pinterest board and be sure to follow it for more holiday related pins!



  1. Such a cute post! Where I live we don't usually get snow until later December. I can't believe some states have already had snow! But I agree, I'm not sure if I'm ready for the holiday season yet!


    1. I sort of wish we didn't get snow until December because then it would really feel like Christmas. Thanks!


  2. Love the post!! I wish we had snow here-but knowing that the holidays are right around the corner...I'm ready!!



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