J.Crew Factory Faves

I feel like everyone has been posting about the recently added items from J.Crew Factory, but honestly they are just too cute not to mention! I have always loved J.Crew Factory since I first discovered it. It is basically the same as J.Crew and has the same cute style. I would say the quality is less than J.Crew, but it's not horrible quality whatsoever. 

Anyways, the items on J.Crew Factory right now are making me swoon! They are so cute and perfect! These are my absolute favorites! 

I love the combination of the pattern and the leather trim!

This sweater is just too fun! I love it!

I saw this in the store and I was dying. It's so cute and festive for the wintertime!

I actually need this in my closet now. I'm legit obsessed! It's so cute and can be worn so many ways!

This is perfect for the holiday season! It's adorable!

The perfect pair of shoes! They are so cute I actually need these!

Have you seen J.Crew Factory's recent items?



  1. I just placed an order a few days ago, I'm addicted to the factory! especially those loafers :)

    Rachel @ makeshiftmunch.blogspot.com

  2. Yes!! And I die every time I do! haha In my opinion, their stuff is cuter than J. Crew's, which I am okay with considering their prices;) I absolutely love that plaid skirt and the little deer tee, so precious!



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