5 Tips for Natural Beauty

Ever feel like you wake up looking like a monster? I know with a hectic week in school it's sometimes hard to even look presentable at school. I'm all for the leggings and t-shirt look, but also sometimes I just look a mess when I wake up. I'm insanely jealous of those that can just crawl out of bed in the morning looking flawless. I know that I wish I looked like Blair Waldorf when I wake up--she always looks flawless! Now, everyone has flaws, but there are measures that can be taken so that you can wake up beautiful. I don't mean for this to be cliché, but don't we all want to be able to roll out of bed and look great? 

Here are my top 5 tips on how to wake up beautiful.

1. Get your beauty sleep. I know that with an intense work week it's usually hard to get the full 8 hours of shut eye, but do your best to make up for your lost sleep. If I plan out my night ahead of time saying what time I want to get to bed it helps me manage getting my homework done, along with eating dinner and having a bit of wind down time. Getting more sleep gives your body time to replenish and repair and it helps keep your skin looking great.

2. Eat healthy. This might be obvious to many, but eating healthy vastly helps improve your overall complexion. And this is a huge timesaver in the morning. If you can skip the 15 minutes of makeup application, you can have more sleep time! Also eating healthy foods can better help regulate sleep and not having sugar rushes. 

3. Drink water! I know, I know, everyone tells you this, but seriously drink water! Water is helpful to your body in so many ways and it is so beneficial to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated helps eliminate headaches, keeps your digestive system moving, clears skin, rids the body of unwanted toxins and is overall just plain good for you. (And, quit it with the sugary drinks. I definitely have a problem with sipping Gatorade or Sprite, but water is so much better! I'm definitely trying to cut back. A great tip is to always just get water at restaurants. It saves you money and saves your teeth from the sugar).

4.  Prep your skin. I know that we high schoolers especially struggle with having perfect skin. My skin is far from perfect, but there are measures that I take to have my skin looking the best that it can when I wake up. Use a spot treatment for any blemishes that have popped up and the treatment will help the blemish decrease in size or even disappear overnight. Use a light moisturizer meant for your skin type overnight as will. Your skin will be sure to thank you! 

5. Take time to relax before bed. With the hustle and bustle of a hectic day it's sometimes hard to take that special time to wind down and just relax. This time isn't necessary every day, but taking time to relax every couple nights. Taking this time will help you sleep better and wake up in a brighter, more cheerful mood. And happy girls are the prettiest. 

What are your tips to waking up beautiful?

XO, Kate

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