Update + Where Have I Been?

Wow--it seems like forever since I actually sat down and wrote a blog post. So where have I been? Well, my laptop was having major malfunctions. Every time my computer was on the fan was making outrageous noises. It basically sounded like there was a disc in my computer and that it didn't want to play. But, there was no disk. Anyways, I took my laptop to the Apple store on Sunday and they were so helpful! They checked out my computer and realized that it was the fan that was malfunctioning. They took my computer in and fixed it in less than 24 hours, now that's service! Anyways, I'm so happy to be posting again. 

So over the weekend was the St. Patrick's Day parade in Chicago. And let me just say St. Patrick's Day used to be my holiday. I was an Irish Dancer for 7 years and St. Patrick's Day was a huge holiday for us dancers. I was always so busy around the St. Patrick's day season going to so many shows. Well, those days have come and gone, but my mother was invited to a lovely brunch at the Trump for St. Patrick's Day so of course she let me come! And bring one of my best friends, Jane! Jane and I were both Irish Dancers so it was a bit of nostalgia being back at the parade (although it was a lot different watching it than being in it). Here's a little recap. 

 We had to take a couple shots on this location because the views are absolutely stunning! The Trump has the perfect view of the river and it was fabulous to see the river being dyed! 

 Sorry for a bit of a glare, but I wanted to show you the green river! The river usually has a green tint, but on St. Patrick's Day they dye it a bright green!

And lucky us, Vineyard Vines was having an event on the same day as the parade! They were supposed to have a shipment of sunglasses come in for the event, but sadly the shipment didn't come in! Luckily my mom made friends with some of the workers and managed to snag Jane and I sunglasses. And this makes 2 for my Vineyard Vines whale hat collection! It was pretty much my life goal to get one and now I have 2! At Vineyard Vines I also managed to exchange and purchase something. I ordered a Shep shirt online, but it was the wrong size so they ordered it in the store for me. And I ordered a t-shirt online, but they sold out of it. But, now I am the current owner of this t-shirt and my adorable Shep shirt is on it's way!

So, just to update you...I was gone, but I'm back! And here to stay! More posts are coming soon and I leave for spring break on Saturday and I'm going to shoot so many outfit posts in Georgia! 

I couldn't be happier that I'm back! I missed you all!

XO, Kate


  1. Looks like such a fun weekend in Chicago! I'm jealous of your whale hat ;)

    Constance || Prep Northwest

    1. Thanks Connie! And aren't those whale hats the cutest thing ever!?

      XO, Kate


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