Spring Cleaning

For me spring is the perfect time of year. Everything turns pretty, the clothes are fabulous and... spring cleaning. I don't really like spring cleaning in my entire house (my mother gets a bit OCD about cleaning), but cleaning my room is definitely always a good thing. My room is my sanctuary, but it gets super messy super easily. I think that spring cleaning this year is essential though. This winter has been very rough on my room and I think the main thing I need to do is organize. Organization is truly the key to success and I think if everything has a place it can keep my room so much cleaner and make my life so much easier!

I think purchasing some containers that correspond with my room design would be a great idea. Bins and containers are a great way to de-clutter the entire space. I think I need shelving as well. I have absolutely no shelving in my room...oops. 

Do you enjoy spring cleaning?

XO, Kate

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  1. I do love spring cleaning! Like you said, it trains you to be organized. Being organized is important, not just in your room, but also in life, as it helps you prioritize things. Is that your room? It is so pretty!

    Apple Volpe


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