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Whew--this week has been a tough one, but at 3:04 on Friday I'm officially on spring break! I can't wait to just relax and have no worries at all! School hasn't been especially straining on me recently, but it's still nice to have a break from sitting in the boring classroom. 

I have my second badminton match tomorrow and I'm so excited! Too bad my doubles parters, and best friend Paige is on her way to Rome...or London (she's headed to both and I'm not sure where to first), but I have a temporary doubles partner for this match. Badminton may seem like such a loser-ish sport, but honestly it's a lot of hard work. It's a ton of fun though! I love playing the sport and even the practices are super fun. We had a match on Monday as well and we beat the team 15-0. In case you were wondering badminton is played in singles and doubles and you play agains the opposing team in games to 21 and it's the best out of 3. If you win the match then your team gets a point. So basically, we won every match in that game. 

And it only helps that all of the girls on badminton are so much fun to be around!!!

Also, I leave on Saturday for Georgia! I couldn't be more excited for warmer weather and just fun times! I am so excited for this upcoming week. Tonight is going to be a bit hectic with a badminton match right after school, going to my aunt's house for my cousin Jack's birthday (happy 18th Jack!!!) and packing for the week I think I left way too much to do for tonight. But, even if I get little sleep (we're leaving at 4 a.m. on Saturday), I can sleep all day in the car. 

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and here are some links that I've been loving!

Hope you guys have an amazing weekend?

How was your week?

XO, Kate

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