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I have an upcoming post taking about future blog design plans (eep!!!), but as for now I've been exploring through the wonderful world of blogging for inspiration as to what blog designs I truly do love. I've done quite a bit of exploring, and although nothing seems to fit me perfectly, I do admire many blogs! PS click the links to see the full blog design because I only featured the header.

Lemon Stripes // I personally love the mix of yellow and navy and I think this blog has such a colorful look. I love the simplicity of the two colors, but the yellow is so bright and the navy so dark and it gives a nice contrast.

The Skinny Confidential // This blog design incorporates peach, yellow and gray. The mix of the three colors is phenomenal, even though I would never guess the colors blend so well! I also love the use of geometric shapes in this blog design.

Bikinis and Passports // I absolutely love the baby pink with the gold and black in this blog designs. And I've always had a thing for incorporating more than one font into a blog header. The blog is so simplistic, yet so fabulous!

PS Happy Friday!

What are your favorite blog designs?

XO, Kate


  1. How cute! I really love seeing how different people design their blogs. I need to update mine!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

    1. Connie I love your blog design!

      XO, Kate


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